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OnePlus rolling out Android Pie for OnePlus 3/3T

Kushal Raut
Kushal Raut

OnePlus 3/3t users can finally enjoy the sweetness of Android Pie. The company has started rolling out the Android Pie 9.0 Stable Update to all the OnePlus 3/3T users.

The update would land on everyone's device via OTA. So, have patience till you get a notification. Else, you can manually check if you have received the update from Settings.

OnePlus 3/3T Android Pie

With Android Pie, you get the latest Oxygen OS and all the new features which are now made available for the OnePlus 3/3T such as the new Gaming Mode 3.0, Adaptive battery and much more.


Along with the Android Pie Update, the Security Patch is also updated to April 2019. There is Google lens integration, Google Duo support in Dialer, New Do Not Disturb mode and so on.

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Well, before the update went public, OnePlus had released Community Beta V1 and Community Beta V2 for the users who wanted to test and give feedback on the update. The battery backup has seemed to increase on Community Beta. We hope it's the same backup like on the Community Beta Builds.

Update Facts of OnePlus 3/3T

Speaking of facts, OnePlus 3/3t is one of those rare devices which have received 3 Android Updates i.e Marshmallow to Nougat, Nougat to Oreo and Oreo to Pie. Not to forget the other minor updates in between including beta builds. When it comes to updates, OnePlus has always seemed to deliver. Yes, the Android Pie Update definitely took a lot of time. But, unlike other manufacturers who drop their plans, OnePlus stayed up on their promise.

OnePlus 3/3T Android Pie- The Journey 

Android Pie Update for OnePlus 3/3T
OnePlus 3

It’s been a long journey since then for 3 years. Sure, the device is many generations older. Nonetheless, it never fails to excite me every day. Be it the whooping fast dash charging, a sturdy chunk of aluminium, AMOLED Display, speedy fingerprint sensor. These were all the highlights of the past. They degrade again and again with time. But, there was a strong nail which OnePlus had nailed in their coffin (OnePlus 3), that’s Oxygen OS. Damn boy, once you taste it, it never fades off from your tongue. In regards to what you choose to do, this silicon coupled with OXYGEN OS still ceases me to be in awe. After all, as we say, the speed test champ can’t be dethroned. (Yeah, the successors do beat it, but at that time it was on the throne with other devices lying on the feet.) I can go on using metaphors on how fast this device is since day 1. No hiccups and nothing. Just one thing, Raw Fast Smoothness!!

Uhm, no matter how skilled carpenter you are, there’s always one nail which breaks or bends while nailing. A similar thing was with OnePlus 3. To name it, it was the battery. The battery lasts fairly well as a city car, but not up to the mark when you use it as a tank. Dash Charge has always hidden this bad nail. But with time it became visible to the end users. After all, “It’s about Time.”

The Future of OnePlus 3/3T

OnePlus hasn't promised about any future updates. Maybe security patches would be provided in future. We aren't sure as of now. Let's see what they do in the near future. As long as the Android Pie update is perfectly stable, it's all good and fine. Fingers crossed.

So, are you using OnePlus 3/3T? Let me know how's your experience after all these years. Did you receive the OTA? Let us know in the comments below.