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Moto Z3 Android Pie Update, brings support for 5G Moto Mod

Kushal Raut
Kushal Raut

Just a while ago, Motorola has updated the details on the website. The updated change log includes the Android Pie update for Moto Z3. It's been a long time since all the Moto Z3 users were waiting for the Android Pie update.

It's about time as of now for all the users to receive the same on their devices. The OTA would roll-on once and for all soon to everyone.

Moto Z3 Android Pie Update Rolling out
Moto Z3 Android Pie Update Rolling out

Motorola Z3 update changelog

  • System Updated to Android Pie.
  • Redesigned Navigation System based on Gestures.
  • New Settings, Volume Controls.
  • Adaptive Display, Battery
  • Auto-Rotation (Tap Away)

The update also adds the support for Motorola 5G MOD. This MOD is supposed to work on Verizon's 5G Network. The MOD hasn't been made available to the masses as of now, but when it does; Moto Z3 Users can use it right away for 5G Capabilities on Verizon's Network.

Moto G6 Plus also received Android Pie Update.

This New year is going to be the phase for many Android OEMs to roll out Android Pie updates for the masses. Not just the flagship devices but even the popular devices supported by the company. Companies like Samsung have also given out the whole road-map for their devices. If you have a Samsung device, make sure to check out your device on the list.

Android Pie Highlights

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With Android Pie, the notifications shade elegantly gets a brush-up. Other features include better battery life thanks to the adaptive battery. The permissions settings are more customizable and more granular for the user. Not only these features, but Android Pie focuses on reducing your screen usage time, The inbuilt app Digital Well-being does this. It shows how much time you have used your phone and the ability to set timers for an app on a daily basis, so you don't overuse your apps. It shows a full graph of individual usage too. This well-being app is currently restricted to a few devices, but we hope it makes to other devices soon.

Android Pie Moto Z3
Android Pie Digital Wellbeing Feature

So have you received the OTA update for the Moto Z3? Let us know in the comments below. Share this with your friends who own the device too, so they know about the same.