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Apple working on Foldables? Patents say.

Kushal Raut
Kushal Raut

Foldable devices are going to make their way. Meanwhile, if you thought they won't because of how flop the Galaxy Fold went. You're wrong. There's always room for improvement. Yeah, because the big boys have taken an interest in it after Samsung. Apple has taken a step into the same.

Apple's Foldable Patent

Apple has filed for a foldable device patent. The device patent is similar to Galaxy Fold which folds inwards and not outwards. Apple approach is a bit different than from the Galaxy Fold.

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Like the hinge on Fold, Apple's device patent to has a display layer and protective layer which bends. There are reports saying that this layer would be made up of ceramic materials are glass, sapphire or zirconia. We think sapphire would be it considering Apple's love for Sapphire.

Apple's Patent

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Here's a look at the image of the patent. It gives an idea of the device. Many rumours suggest that Apple might jump into foldable technology enabled devices somewhere in 2020. Let's see and watch what the future holds up. Foldable or full-screen? What do you want it to be? Let us know in the comments below.

Smart Keyboard Folio

Apple has also granted another second patent for Smart Keyboard Folio. It's a long time since Apple's selling the old keyboards. This new keyboard is expected to come with a keyboard, trackpad and Apple pencil enabled area.

That's all that we know from the leaks. What do you think about these leaks? With Apple's innovation getting stagnant. Do you think Apple would come out with someone innovative in the near future?