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The Future of Feature Phones!

Kushal Raut
Kushal Raut

Feature Phones! Admit it or not, we all have used them at some point in time, while there are some who are using it still. Typing on the Keypad and that small games were nostalgic for each of us. But, as the time is passing by it is clearly seen that the feature phones are becoming less and less visible in people’s hand. So, what might be the future of Feature Phones? Let’s guess some.

Feature Phones are always known for their compactness. Nothing matches the compactness of the phone and at the same time, the battery backup. In a world where Smartphone Users are always in awe of their battery backups, they are the ones who offer a helping hand for emergencies.


If you ask me, are Feature Phone going to die? I’ll answer it as they won’t. The consumption of Feature Phone would surely decrease more and more, but they won’t extinct. The simple fact is Feature Phones still have a niche audience. In some homes, you would have still seen them with your elders. The simple reason why they still have preserved their niche audience is that of their versatility. Nothing beats the basic stuff which you can do with a feature phone. It’s the simplicity they host, right from the ease of use for anyone to the convince of being off from the charger for several days. There are many. Feature Phones aren’t smart I agree. And we don’t really need them to be smart. We have Smartphones who are smart. As a result, feature phone is always going to serve us as a Utility. Not everyone requires this utility, but there is some niche audience who surely do.

Worrying about the Future? Here are some of the technologies which have led to inventions in 2019 as a whole. 

With time and time, feature phones have always served us. I think we are going to need them around for more time. At least until Smartphones are completely evolved as “Smart” They got to need a more time to evolve completely and not make us need the feel the need of any utility at the time of emergencies.

“The truth is smartphones can’t replace Feature Phone completely and Feature Phones can’t go underground as of now”


Boost to the Feature Phones

Well at the same time, feature phones have also tried to become smart. The live examples are Jio Phone and the Micromax Feature Phone which were released just a couple of months back. They were well executed well, but there was something missing. This something was a sort of a connection of the user or a bridge from the experience of a Smartphone to a Feature Phone. If this bridge was present, feature phones would surely have become the target audience for many. But for now, they aren't. And we don’t even know if the bridge would be constructed or not.

Things Smartphones should learn:

Image by Steve Johnson

There are some things which the Smartphones should take from the feature phones. Those are the things we already know. The first thing is the battery life. With everything progressing these days, we haven’t done any advances in the battery. Another thing is the compactness. In a world of 18:9 Display Ratios, people still prefer compact phones. The discussion on these things is surely a topic for some other day though.

Here's an article from GeekGape regarding the present technologies.

So, what do you think? Are Feature Phones going to be extinct in the near future? Let me know what do you think of it, in the comments below!!