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Skins for your smartphones - Do we need them?

Kushal Raut
Kushal Raut

Be it any YouTube Video or anything over the internet you might have heard about people telling you about skins. “Protect your Device with XYZ Skin!” What do they mean by that? Do skins really keep your device protected?

What are Skins?

A OnePlus Device with a skin
A OnePlus Device with a skin

The answer is simple. Skins are thin sheets which can be stuck at your phone’s back and are made up of vinyl material. They can vary in price right from cheaper ones available in local markets or the online brands like StickOn, GadgetSheild to the highest quality available from DBrand. You might be thinking what difference does the price makes? It’s about the precise edge to edge cutting, the adhesive used, wear & tear, durability, ability to resist scratches, materials used and so on.

Why use Skins in the first place?

Just because your gadgets look cool after applying a skin doesn’t mean you should use a skin. Ask yourself a few questions and then make yourself a decision?

Do you need a skin for your smartphone?
Do you need skins for your smartphone?

If the answer for most of the questions you answered was yes, then you should consider looking for skin. Else, a bulky/slim case would work for you pretty well. The target audience for skins is pretty niche. Not all of us are used to the idea of using it. It feels different in hand. It becomes a pro if your device is made up of glass. It’s because it adds grip to your device.

But on the other hand, if your device is made up of other material (rare case) which has more grip than a skin, then you would regret installing one. Remember, you can remove it from your device anytime though, but cannot reuse it, just like a bandage. I won’t advise you to go for the skin even if you are one of the people who go to the service centre very often, as you need to remove the same. 

Things to Know

  • Check for Materials used: Always go for skins which are made up of decent or premium materials. The better the materials, the longer it lasts. Our Suggestions include the ones available from Stick On, Capes India. If you can pay higher, Dbrand is no brainer.
  • Choose Better Options: It’s always better to go for Matte or Kevlar or Dragon versions. Why? Because they resist scratches way better than plain and simple skins. In other words, just go for anything which has a texture and you’re good to go.

Update: Even Honeycomb works well from Stick On. We are currently reviewing the same which would be posted soon and linked on this page.

Uhm, not everyone prefers skins nor is skin widespread among all the gadgets users. The other problem is the lack of durability among the cheap skins available in local markets and the high prices which one needs to pay for premium skins. Don’t get me wrong, the local skins aren’t worse, but they just do it on average. Personally, I have tried a lot of skins from various companies and here are ones you can grab online right from expensive ones to the lesser expensive ones. [ They are my Personal Opinions from the ones I have used ;) ]

We would be posting the review of the skin from Stick On pretty soon. Would it be a cheap alternative to Dbrand? Stay Tuned!

That’s pretty much it, I wanted to share about Skins. Meanwhile, you're here check out our article on Realme 2 Pro.