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The Next Big Trend for Smartphones?

Kushal Raut
Kushal Raut

We have cameras with AI, we have notches! So what's next for Smartphones? Now that's a very difficult question to answer. Smartphones are getting better day by day. Technology is improving at a very rapid pace but that doesn't really seem to reflect when it comes to smartphones. There has been stagnancy in the smartphone segment from past couple of years! Nothing major has happened! Smartphones are all about internal upgrades these days. Most of the smartphone OEMs are afraid to try new things, instead, all they do now is upgrade the internals and present it as a new device. There are a few occasional wonders which pop up every now and then. But instead of being inspired by them companies blatantly copy the best parts from these "Marvels" and incorporate into their own device. This article is what we think, would be one of the things which might take a hit this year. We aren't sure, as there are other things too which might take this year's trend. (Next Article)

Post Notches

Taller Displays with weird aspect ratios are a thing of the past. Now the notches have taken over. If there's a purpose of the notch or not it has to be there in 2018. With Apple, it was a different case altogether! The notch on the iPhone X was very well justified because of the presence of all the infrared sensors for the FaceID to actually function. If you take a closer look at the iPhone X you will realize that it's display looks gorgeous and that's where we have to thank the OLED panels! But there's one more thing which makes the notch display tick on the iPhone X and that is the bezeless sides and "Bottom". Most Android Smartphone OEMs have completely ripped off the notch from Apple but they forget about the bottom bezel altogether. This is the only reason the notch display looks weird to me especially and fails to impart the "The Complete Bezeless Phone". But now that it's become a trend we have to embrace it whether you like it or not.

So what're next big things to elevate your smartphone experience to the next level? Is it Artificial Intelligence working on a system level in Smartphones or is it the innovation in batteries for mobile devices?

Source- Android Authority

The real innovation will not be the software but it's the hardware that will shine in the coming years. With many Smartphone Companies now patenting the Foldable Display Technology, I think that's where we are headed to. Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola & Apple amongst others were the first to jump onboard this ship.

Image Source- Android Authority

We have already seen foldable concept devices being displayed at CES every year. Samsung is reportedly working on a foldable smartphone dubbed as the "Samsung Galaxy X". There has been various leaks and rumors but we are yet to see any concrete evidence or if the device actually exists or not. Rumors have it that Samsung will showcase it when they Launch the new "Galaxy Note 9" device. But take this with a pinch of salt.

So what do you guys think will be the next big Innovation in smartphone technology? What according to you would become the new trend of smartphones in 2018? Do lets us know in the comments section below, would love to hear it.