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OnePlus Commits to Update its Devices for Three-Years

M Venkat Naidu
M Venkat Naidu

OnePlus has a proper recognition for its excellent value for money phones; Their devices pack flagship hardware yet costs few hundreds of dollars less than the competitors. But a lack of definitive policy about updates make its a gamble to invest in their products, and now it is about to change with OnePlus announcing new Updates Policy for its devices.

In a recent post on its forum, The company announced that it is committing to serve its devices with three years of updates which include two years of major Android updates and an extended year of security updates. The security updates during the extended year are not released monthly but a "bi-monthly" updates.

OnePlus Software Maintenance Schedule

The company stated that this new update policy would come into effect immediately and applies to all OnePlus 3/3T, OnePlus 5/5T, OnePlus 6.

This maintenance schedule brings the OnePlus devices on par with Google's Pixel offerings which also offer a similar update cycle. But, the Pixel's got an advantage here as they are devices that which are first tested while building Android and would the first to get updated.

On the other hand, while the Android OEM's are struggling to update their flagship devices, Apple is releasing iOS 12 to 5 Years old device. At least, this type of commitments allows the users to know how long their devices will be supported and it would be great if the other OEM's to follow this.

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