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OnePlus 7 Pro: Force 90hz Refresh Rate in Any App

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OnePlus 7 Pro: Force 90hz Refresh Rate in Any App (and Games)

OnePlus 7 Pro boasts a 90hz refresh rate display as we all know. But, even when you keep the phone in 90hz, it's dynamic. Why? This is to conserve battery life. Another main reason is not all apps are available to make use of 90hz refresh rate. As a result, OnePlus chosen this path.

90hz display n OnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlus 7 Pro 90hz All

However, if you are someone who wants to use your OnePlus 7 Pro to its full potential by being on 90hz always, you can. Thanks to the developers and OnePlus Community for this guide. Here's how you can do it.


1. A Windows PC (Windows 10 64 Bit is preferred)

2. Oneplus Drivers

3. A USB Type-C Cable

4. Your Oneplus 7 Pro

Steps for OnePlus 7 Pro 90hz all:

1. Plug in your Oneplus device and select File Transfer mode in your phone's notification selection, then open My Computer and you will see the drive for Oneplus Drivers.

2. Install Oneplus Drivers (you may be prompted to reboot afterwards). You may need to plug and unplug the device to finish driver recognition. Unplug your phone once it is finished.

3. In your phone, go to Settings > About Phone, and tap Build Number multiple times in fast succession until the message "you are now a developer" appears.

4. Go to Settings > System > Developer Options, and turn on USB-debugging.

5. Go to Playstore and download jOnePlus Tools

6. Plug your device in your PC.

7. Anywhere on the empty desktop of your PC, press shift + right click, and select "Open Powershell window here"

8. Wait for Powershell to load

9. Type "ADB Shell" without the quotes

10. A permission prompt will appear in your Oneplus 7 Pro's screen, allow it.

11. Type ADB Shell once again and press Enter, and you should see your device like this "Oneplus7Pro:/ $"

12. Type or copy-paste the text below without the quotes:

"pm grant net.jroot3d.joneplustools android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS", and press Enter.

13. Once you've entered that, it should repeat what you've typed in the next line.

14. Unplug your device and open jOnePlus Tools app.

15. Tap Screen Refresh Rate and select Force 90Hz

16. Congratulations, you are done! To confirm, you can go to Settings > Display > Screen Refresh Rate and you should see it as 60Hz from the outside, but when you tap it, you will see that nothing from the 2 choices is selected. It means you are using the 3rd Hidden Setting.

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You may need to reselect Force 90 Hz from the jOnePlus Tools app if you restart your phone. Or you can disable battery optimization for the joneplustools app and lock it in recent apps to make the app stay in RAM and automatically apply the setting for you when you reboot.


This will enable 90hz (and up to 90 fps) for apps and games unless the app itself has an even stronger FPS-controller then it will tone-down the FPS to the standard set by that game. But for most games without an FPS controller or 30-FPS-locked games without an in-game FPS-controller, it will work 100%.

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Credits to the Original developers and the OnePlus Community who posted this guide. C3C076 (XDA Developer, Dev of GravityBox) (jOnePlus Tools Developer) Guide Maker: Ares (Freyelis - XDA Senior Member)