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Mozilla Firefox to get a paid subscription for Premium Features

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In the war of browsers, Mozilla Firefox always had its share. Thanks to their loyal users. Now it looks like, Mozilla Firefox is going to get a paid subscription for Premium Features. There might be many reasons behind this, one of which is to "diverse sources of income."

Mozilla also created a new logo which caters to their new products like Firefox Send and Firefox Lockwise. This new Premium service brings features such as VPN and Cloud Storage.

Mozilla Firefox Subscription

Subscription to Firefox

As of now, the subscription might include VPN, Cloud Storage, and other services which Firefox offers. It is not yet clear whether those services would be provided in a single package or individual. Firefox has also said that "we would not charge for any existing Firefox features as a part of our shift to offering subscription services"

Reason for Mozilla Subscription

Firefox Services
Mozilla Firefox New Logo

According to Firefox, they are looking to diverse sources of revenue. This is why they are planning about subscription services in the first place. This move by Mozilla is to avoid being heavily reliant on capital that comes from search companies. These search companies are the ones that pay to be featured in the Firefox Browser. Its all business after all.

Jio GigaFiber to get cheaper?!

In the past in 2018, Mozilla had already started to test a feature to a very small number of people. It allowed them to subscribe through Mozilla Firefox for 10$ which gave them access to VPN via Proton VPN.

Mozilla Firefox Blog Post Update 

"The logo has been upgraded to a new look to support our evolving product line." In a blog post on Mozilla Firefox, they announced the same. They are introducing the Firefox Brand- a single icon to represent an entire family of products."


Mozilla Firefox has declared that all the users would get an invitation to join Firefox and gain access to everything we have to offer. The update is said to be rolled out to the users this fall. Till then, let's keep our fingers crossed and see what Firefox has to offer.

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