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Google Maps testing off route alert for India

Google Maps testing off route alert for India

For the past few months, Google has been on the driving side in regards to Google maps. The company has recently added many new features to the Google maps for the global as well as the Indian version. Speedometer, live tracking of buses and real-time traffic are to name a few. If you like to know about them, click here. Now, it's testing one more feature. What's that? Let's find out!

Off route alert

We have heard these frauds many times. May have even experienced some. Let's say, the fare to travel from Andheri to Bandra is ₹120, if you are a Mumbaikar. But, if you're new to the city, or if you're a foreigner, there are high chances that you'll end up paying much more. In earlier times, newbies didn't have any way to make sure that their driver is taking them to their destination from the shortest route possible. But, after the introduction of Google maps, things have improved a lot. Today, people can actually see where they are headed exactly. And, Google is planning to add icing on the cake.

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Google is testing a new feature in maps that will inform you when your driver is going off route. To give a detailed explanation, let's see how it works. You set a destination from your location and start travelling. Before you start navigating, you get an option under "stay safer" which gives you a notification if you go off route. The app will notify you if you deviate more than 500 metres from your set route instead of rerouting, which is the current feature.

Google Maps Off-route
Off-route detection on Google Maps PC: XDA

Now, the benefit of this feature will be that no driver can cheat you by going off route and charging more by the meter. Also, it will ensure your safety as no one can take you to somewhere you don't intend to.

Implementation of Off-Route Alert

Now, we don't know when this feature will be implemented. But judging by the tests, it should be included in the future updates a month from now. So did you like the feature? Let us know in the comments.