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Firefox Send- A way to send files over Internet!

Kushal Raut
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Every one of us wants to send files across the web. Firefox has come up with a generic cum their own solution. It is called as the Firefox Send. What it does exactly? We will find it out soon. In a digital world, where people send and receive files, people want convenience on the top. Not everything can be sent on WhatsApp or Drive. There are some silly files which are just one-time use and throw. That's the type of files Firefox has made the service for. 

Firefox Send 

FireFox Send is the new way to Send
Firefox Send

Well, Firefox Send is available right on the play store for anyone to download. after downloading the app, all one has to do is to sign-in with an existing Firefox account or create a new one. Verify with your email and you are good to go. 

The interface of Firefox Send app is pretty simple and self-explanatory. This app would allow you to send files to people on factors such as the time duration or no. of downloads. 


Simply click on the button and choose the file which you wish to share. After choosing you can select the expiry date. You can set it to expire after a select no. of downloads or select no. of days. You can also password protect it. Another thing which you should know if you can password protects the uploaded file for unauthorized access. Once it gets uploaded you can share the link with your friends. Boom, that’s another way of sharing files. 

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You might wonder why would anyone use Firefox Send in the first place? According to us, this is a pretty handful for some people. There are many of us who wants to share a few files with people but not on WhatsApp or any social apps. The work is only one-time. Any cloud drive won’t make sense since you would have to manually delete it once the work is done. Else, it would remain sitting in your Drive. In cases like this, the app would really help a lot. 

So, if you are that kind of person, you should give it a try. The files you upload are also encrypted for increased security. What do you think of Firefox Send? Would you try it? Let us know in the comments below.