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Android Pie Update Schedule for Samsung Devices

Kushal Raut
Kushal Raut

Are you all waiting for Samsung Pie Update? If yes, we have got good news for all Samsung Users. Android Updates! The one which every one of us waits for. It's like a cherry on the cake if there are no bugs in the new update.

One UI Update Roll Out 

Samsung just announced the update roll-out dates for their Devices. Right from J7 series to S9 series, most of them are getting the update. Sorry On Next users, no news regarding that as of now. The Flagship devices get the Android Pie update in January and slowly bit by bit the other devices are covered.

Meanwhile, Samsung is all set to slaughter to Notch Trend for the upcoming S10 and Note Series!

Here's the roll-out map by Samsung in order. The list starts with Samsung S9 and ends with Tab A for January to October.

Samsung Android One UI Update

What's New

Samsung has redesigned a new UI for Android Devices which are going to run Android Pie (9.0). It is called as "ONE UI." According to Samsung, they have made this UI for various reasons right from Comfort to Feel and much more which is on the official website.

  • Made to Focus- They have redesigned the UI to make it feel more natural and appealing at the same time.
  • The task at Hand- It shows the task at hand in a decluttered way.
  • Visibility Comfortable- The UI automatically switches to Dark Mode according to the time which means more comfort and less strain to the eyes.

There are various new changes in the UI too which you would get to experience with the Update. One UI was also available for the users in Beta Version too. Obviously, Beta version wouldn't be Stable for day to day usage. But if you are excited you give it a try too. A lot of users have tried it too.

Note: With Android Updates there "might" be a possibility of bugs too so make sure you check about the bugs with someone else who has updates before you.


Many users have reported about various bugs which they encountered during the update and Beta Builds. There were bugs like transitions, Alaram issues and many other such as delay in the call screen for incoming calls.

Let's hope that all the bugs get fixed with the updates rolling on to the Public. Fingers crossed. So, is your device mentioned in the Roll Out Map Chart? Let us know in the comments below.