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ROG Gaming Smartphone by Asus finally unveiled to the public


Mobile Gaming is now starting to take the lead, catching up fast with PC gaming and Console games. In many countries, people are taking up Mobile Gaming into the main viewfinder side-lining PC gaming and Console oriented gaming. Games like PUBG mobile and Free Fire have now starting to gain more traction.

In such a rising industry, the Tech Giant / OEM Manufacturer Asus has now unveiled a phone, dedicated to Mobile Gaming. This phone falls into the dedicated category for gaming called "Republic Of Gamers" or ROG for short. This category was usually meant for Gaming CPUs, gaming hardware ( like Monitors, GPUs, HeadPhones, etc) and all the things required for a Gamer. Now, into this collection falls the Asus ROG Phone. (credits: GSM Arena)

ROG Gaming Smartphone by Asus
ROG Gaming Smartphone by Asus

ROG Gaming Smartphone Specifications

The ROG phone boasts of an Octa-core Snapdragon 845 chipset with Augmented Reality support, which may seem normal but here's the catch. It's clocked at around 2.9 GHz. Since it was a prototype unit, Asus has promised to deliver the phone with a clock speed close to 3 or 3.5 GHz.

Since the phone is all about Gaming, this beast posses an Adreno 630 in its inventory to make gaming experience all the way smoother and better. The phone is supposed to run Android Oreo (8.1) with Asus's custom Skin called Zen UI.


The Asus ROG Gaming Phone looks stunning with a 6 inches AMOLED display with a 76.9% screen to body ratio. The screen looks "Almost" bezel-less and the AMOLED does help in extending battery life, which is the main worry of a gamer. The display also has a 90 Hz refresh rate ( this means it has almost 1ms Pixel response time). This can be increased or decreased in the Game Control App along with the CPU overclocking and it's programmable LED Lights on the back.


Asus ROG phone comes in 2 variants. The first variant is 8 Gigs of RAM and 128 Gigs of Internal Storage and the second variant is the 8 Gigs RAM and 512 Gigs of Internal Storage. The phone doesn't have a memory expansion slot or a hybrid SIM tray. But with 128 GB or 512 GB on board, we don't think it is necessary or it wouldn't be an issue of storage as they are pretty ample themselves.


The Phone comes with a horizontal Dual Camera setup. The Primary Rear Camera is 12 MP which Phase Detection while the Secondary Rear Camera is 8 MP Telephoto Lens. The front camera is 8 MP with autofocus which seems decent for the spec sheet cause it's a gaming phone, gamers usually wouldn't give a lot of importance to the camera. The phone has a flash enabled in the rear but there is no front flash. Video recording is at 2160p @ 30 fps can be set to lower resolutions also.

Other Features

The Design of the phone is fantastic. No second doubts about it. The fingerprint sensor looks like it's literally from the future. The phone also has programmable RGB lighting like every other ROG product. The phone has decent stereo speakers which produce a maximum output of 192 KHz.There are two charging ports for this phone. One is at the bottom, like every other smartphone while the other is on the left-hand side of the phone as gamers tend to play many games in landscape Orientation and having the charger at the usual position of the smartphone will obstruct the proper holding grip of the phone. The phone has attachable modules which enhance the Gaming experience of the user. Some of the modules provided are

  1. Phone Cooler Enhancer: This plugs into the second charging port on the left. This has an inbuilt fan which absorbs the phone's heat thereby providing a constant performance.

    Cooler Enhancement for ROG Gaming Smartphone
    Cooler Enhancement for ROG Gaming Smartphone
  2. Wireless Video Hub: This module comes with two attachments that make the ROG phone look like a Nintendo switch. This streams the video to a hub, which in turn streams it to a nearby video source. (credits: Unbox Therapy)

    Wireless Video Hub for ROG Gaming Smartphone
    Wireless Video Hub for ROG Gaming Smartphone
  3. Charging Dock + Game Streamer: This module not only charges your phone but also mirrors the screen to a desktop.  It also allows you to play those games on your Desktop or any PC to which it's connected. (credits: Unbox Therapy)

    Charging and Video Connector Dock for ROG Gaming Smartphone
    Charging and Video Connector Dock for ROG Gaming Smartphone

With the gaming industry in the rise and Mobile Gaming climbing up the walls of popularity, do you think Asus made a good move with this phone? Leave your opinion in the comments section down below.

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