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Magisk Updated to V15 !

M Venkat Naidu
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Magisk the Open source root solution has been updated to v15 by its maintainer topjohnwu. It was less than a week ago it got updated to v14.6. This new version adds modularity to Magisk, improves Magisk hide and brings a new server for repo submission.

As the Android is moving towards modularity, more and more devices are getting released with support for Project Treble, so to utilize the features of magisk on such devices the developer ported the features to make sure that it works on such devices.

There is an improved magisk hide. Now the magisk itself tries to hide from services, apps on our devices and various hints that show the existence of magisk are now removed. The Magisk manager now supports to repackaging completely hide from package name detection.

New server to handle Magisk repo submissions. The developer has started a server on his Laptop which monitors and processes the submissions as soon as they are submitted and also moderates the existing and new repos so that everything runs smoothly.

Source: XDA Forums